Analytical Essay: Definition and topics

You must be familiar with argumentative essays, they are pretty common and one of the absolute favorites of teachers to assign.
But today, we’re going to discuss a sub type of argumentative essays--- analytical essay.

What is an analytical essay?

Well, it’s simple.

As the name suggests, the goal of an analytical essay is to analyse something and explain it in depth to increase understanding.

You can write an analytical essay on different subjects --- analyze a book, play, event, poem, issue, or a piece of art. If you are feel difficulty and think that who can write my essay for me, then look for a legitimate essay writing service immediately.

However, while tackling such essays don’t simply summarize the topic; instead, you are required to critically examine the details and provide evidence to support your arguments.

When writing about a novel analyze the plot, how the author has portrayed the characters, and the influence it has on the readers.

Analytical essay just like any other type of an essay follows the same outline format.

·         Introduction
·         Body 
.         Conclusion

Note: don’t make your thesis statement too general or vague; it should have the power to engage and persuade your reader.

They body comprises of three paragraphs and the main point and claim is presented here along with supporting evidence to back the argument.

Analytical essay topics on personality:
Analyze the causes of gambling addiction
Why do some teenagers fall victim to peer-pressure while others don’t?
Why are young adults attracted by substance abuse?
Analyze the causes of developing irrational fears (phobia)
Why do people hate?Is our personality influenced by our upbringing?
The role of teachers in carving a child’s personality.Analyze the cause of personality disorders.

Analytical essay topics on school and education:
What is the cause of bullying in school?
What is the importance of sex education?
Does a higher education in any way guarantee a high quality of life?
Are exams and tests the correct way to judge a student’s understanding and capabilities?
Pros and cons of cancelling college tuition.How can education standards be improved?
Should schools ban uniforms? 

Analytical essay topics on society:
Can inequality be avoided?
Analyse the cause of the gaining popularity of graffiti
Does violence in video games contribute in making kids violent in real life?
Is addiction an individual's personal choice?How can balance be found between home and work life?
Ways to improve gender gap.Why do young adults join gangs?Why is reading becoming obsolete?   

 Analytical essay topics on literature:

Analyze your favorite book’s main idea.
Analyze your favorite book’s main character.
Analyze your favorite book’s key events.
What is the message being conveyed by the author?
Analyze how an author's personality or beliefs influenced his/her writing.